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Death Casts The Deciding Vote

Bruce Wayne is on a plane headed out of Washington D.C. with Senator Webster who is the target of a kidnap plot. In between the plane hijacking and an on board fight, Bruce manages to change into Batman but ends up getting captured anyway. Webster fakes a heart attack which gives Bruce the chance to use his Batman costume as a decoy. As the scared hijackers wonder how Batman got free, this time Bruce Wayne saves the day by defeating the criminals with the help of the pilots.

The Silent Night of Batman

Batman joins some Gotham City cops to sing Christmas carols while the spirit of the holiday season ensures there is no crime in the city tonight!

Time to Kill!

A reprint from Phantom Stranger #5

Jed Bruno is a bitter scientist who is tired of his rival Andrew Seldin being more successful then him at everything. Bruno thinks he'll finally get the recognition he deserves when he invents a time machine but at that moment a radio announcement says Seldin is unveiling his own time machine a month from now. Enraged, Bruno travels a month in the future and assassinates Seldin during the unveiling. On his return Bruno loses memory of the event and goes to Seldin's lab to steal his blueprints but is discovered by his rival and kills him. Bruno now has the only working time machine and a month later is unveiling his invention when he is shot. The dying scientist's memory returns and he realises this isn't murder but suicide as his past self has assassinated him!

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