funrush's Batman #2 - Trust Fall review

Batman #2 escapes the Court of Owls death sentence

Batman #2. With all that the first one did, this has a lot to live up to, doesn't it?


We get a lot of things happening in the story this time around. On the first page we have a nice little history lesson, and we get a nicely illustrated action scene right on the next page. Although I'm not the biggest fan of Greg Capullo's art, he does a good job here. Fco has some beautiful coloring around here too. Next we see a continued autopsy of the man who died in the last issue. Batman has a discussion with Gordon over the autopsy. I have to say that the way the holograph was done was good. We also have Nightwing come in and reveal how the DNA of John Doe got on his arm. Next, we have some really nice backstory on Lincoln March. The way the character was developed was good. +1 to Scott Snyder. We then have a new villain appear, who seems to be really powerful. Bruce has a difficult time trying to defeat him. He falls out of a window in defeat, but manages to survive by landing on a gargoyle.


  • Great Art
  • Great Story
  • Good Character development on Lincoln


  • Nothing!


Get it. A great second issue that I highly recommend.


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