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Catwoman patrols the streets of Gotham City, looking for criminal activity. At the Gotham Winery, Catwoman foils a trio of thieves, out to steal the payroll. Back out on the street, Catwoman encounters Batman and Robin. The Dynamic Duo are stunned to discover that Catwoman has captured the Parker Brothers, the very criminals they themselves were looking to catch. Robin is suspicious of Catwoman's reform. Batman, too, is dubious, pointing out that the Gotham Winery distills it's wine from catawba grapes. The following night, the Caped Crusaders bust up a theft ring at a silk factory. Suspecting trouble, a portion of the gang hid, laying in wait to ambush any lawmen who came along. Taken by surprise, Batman is momentarily overwhelmed. Robin's timely assistance returns the advantage to Batman.

The Dark Knight returns the favor when Robin, too, finds himself suddenly overwhelmed. Though they fight valiantly against the criminals' larger numbers, the Dynamic Duo soon find themselves up against a wall, staring down the barrels of a half dozen revolvers. Suddenly, Catwoman's cat-o-nine-tails snaps across the criminals' heads, detonating tiny explosives near their ears. With Catwoman's aid, the Caped Crusaders, finally, put the criminal gang down. Though Batman can see no "cat" themed angle in this robbery, Barbara Gordon makes the connection. A specific type of silk bandana, or handkerchief, is also know as a pulicat. Gordon intuits that Catwoman's next outing will occur at the Gotham Wax Museum, where the catafalque of a wealthy maharajah is on display. Gordon changes into her Batgirl costume, and journeys to the museum.

Sure enough, Catwoman is already there, in the midst of thwarting another gang of thieves. Batgirl throws herself at the crooks. Clumsily, Batgirl engages the crooks in combat. A fatal miscalculation in Batgirl's attack strategy leaves her stunned, and reeling on the floor. Only then does Catwoman intervene, quickly taking out the gang of crooks. Egged on by Catwoman, Batgirl shamefully admits to her shortcomings, in front of Batman, then silently walks away. In the days that follow, Catwoman takes Gotham City by storm. Her fame skyrockets, and legions of fans mob her wherever she goes. At night, Catwoman continues to bring in criminal gang after criminal gang. Feeling she's proved herself a more capable partner for Batman than Batgirl, Catwoman offers herself as Batman's partner... and wife. Quite comfortable with the status quo, Batman declines.

In the Batcave, Batman finally acknowledges what the whole of Gotham City already knows, Catwoman is in love with him. Fearing that matters will soon come to a head between them, Batman decides to take certain precautions before going on patrol. Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Catwoman all simultaneously converge on the Coin Chateau. A group of thieves is already inside, helping themselves to the Duke of Apulia's collection of rare silver ducats. Catwoman is surprised to see Batgirl back in action. Batgirl, though, has figured out that Catwoman used catoptrics in their last encounter. By swinging a bauble about, Catwoman distorted the light in the room enough to affect Batgirl's vision, and throw off her combat timing. Knowing that Batgirl is on to her, Catwoman suddenly turns, and clubs Batman into unconsciousness.

The thieves, really Catwoman's gang, quickly overwhelm Batgirl and Robin. Catwoman unmasks Batman, only to discover that Batman has painted his face, underneath his mask. Batgirl and Robin are revealed to have done the same. Removing their utility belts, Catwoman has the three crimefighters placed in a preprepared trap. Catwoman reveals that she only reformed in return for a wedding proposal from Batman. Catwoman issues Batman her final ultimatum, marry her or she will return to her life of crime. Batman rushes Catwoman, only to be repelled by a sonic barrier. Catwoman's cataphonic trap amplifies the prerecorded snarls of cats into an invisible cat's cradle of sound waves. The pain of contact is excruciating. Nonetheless, Batman refuses to marry Catwoman. The Feline Felon robs a high stakes poker game, taking full possession of the "kitty".

Catwoman returns to gloat, holding Batman responsible for her actions, by refusing to marry her. Suddenly, Batgirl leaps clear of the cataphonic trap. Before Catwoman can use her catoptrics against her, Batgirl beats Catwoman into submission. Batman and Robin step forward to take down Catwoman's gang. Batgirl reveals that she hypnotized Batman. Gently swinging her gloves against the sound barrier, Batgirl created a somnambulant tone that put Batman into a trance. With his pain receptors clouded under hypnosis, Batman was able to walk through the cataphonic field and turn it off. Catwoman also learns that all her efforts to make Batgirl look bad were pointless. Batgirl never had any romantic notions towards Batman, and thus was never the rival Catwoman believed her to be.

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