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Acting on a tip from Billy Blabbermouth, sneak-thief Ned Creegan journeys to Nevil Logan's laboratory, to steal jewels. Creegan beats Logan into unconsciousness, then pries the jewels from a radiation projector, in the testing room. Creegan takes his bounty of jewels to noted underworld fence, Charley Rivets. Unfortunately for Creegan, he's on site when Batman and Robin arrive to bust Rivets. Creegan makes a run for it, but the Batman takes him down. Meanwhile, Robin is left to handle Rivets on his own. With the two criminals quickly subdued, the Dynamic Duo are suddenly taken aback by the strange change that comes over Creegan. The sneak-thief's body becomes transparent, revealing his glowing skeleton, and his very touch has become electric. He lashes out, first at Batman, then Robin, dropping them both with an electric charge. Horrified at his appearance in a mirror, Creegan's distraction gives the Caped Crusaders time to recover. Mere contact with Creegan's body, though, sends powerful electric current through the Dynamic Duo, once again rendering them unconscious. Creegan returns to Logan's laboratory for answers, regarding his condition. Logan's research revolved around finding a cure for radiation poisoning. When Creegan robbed Logan's testing facility, he was bathed in a strange purple radiation, that caused him to change. Though he takes Logan at gunpoint, Creegan is quickly put in his place when Logan reveals that, for every second Creegan spends in his mutated form, he loses a day of his life. Logan supplies Creegan with pills that will temporarily reverse his condition, but only if Creegan will allow himself to become Logan's test subject. Logan also supplies Creegan with pills that will allow him to continue his criminal career as "Bag O' Bones"

Working from one of the irradiated gems that Creegan left with Rivets, Batman determines that Creegan's powers are based on static electricity. Batman then fashions special gloves , for him and Robin to wear, to counter Creegan's charge. Creegan robs the Gotham Mercantile Bank, getting away before Batman and Robin can respond to the alarm. Fashioning a radar device to home in on the specific radioactive frequency of Creegan's body, Batman and Robin catch up with the Bony Bandit, several nights later, at Gotham's Museum of Nature. Creegan pops a pill to become Bag O' Bones, then attacks. Robin closes, but his negatively charged gloves repel him away from Creegan. Batman is able to make contact with his positively charged glove, but his hand actually adheres to Creegan's body. With great effort, Batman is able to shove Creegan over, while separating his hand from Creegan's shoulder. The battle rages back and forth for several moments, until, at last, Batman puts Creegan down. During the battle, Creegan's pills were crushed to powder, leaving him with no means to return to normal. Dying with every passing second, Creegan begs Batman and Robin to garner more pills from Logan. Fearing arrest, Logan unleashes irradiated laboratory animals on the Caped Crusaders. Batman's positively charged gloves allow him to battle the gorilla, but he can't make contact with the attacking dog. Robin's negatively charged gloves allow him to battle the eagle, but he can't make contact with the panther. The Caped Crusaders throw the oppositely charged animals into each other, sticking them together like magnets. Logan is taken into custody, but only after he has made Creegan's pills. Creegan gets 20 years, a sentence he'll never be able to serve. His time spent as Bag O' Bones has left him with only a few more years of life. Logan is allowed to continue his research in prison, under the condition that all of his findings are turned over to the United States Government.

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