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"The Day Batman Sold Out!"

Batman has tracked down Ira Radon, a criminal who is responsible for stealing radioactive isotopes all over Gotham City. Batman accidentally throws Ira into the nuclear reactor. Ira survives but is horribly burned and will soon die. Blaming Batman for his situation, Ira vows revenge against the Dark Knight.

Later Batman calls a press conference and announces that he is retiring from crime fighting. He intends to auction off all of his crime fighting gear. It turns out that Ira Radon has irradiated Batman's various devices in order to force Batman to get rid of them or risk Radon increasing the power of the radiation and killing Batman with radiation poisoning.

At the auction, Andrew Kunkel is the only person to win. Ira goes to visit "Kunkel's" home to see who would purchase a Batarang for $10,000. There, Ira is confronted by Kunkel who is really Batman in disguise. During the fight, Ira walks into the path of his radiation device and dies instantly. Resuming his Andrew Kunkel disguise, Batman phones the police.

"Alfred's Mystery Menu!"

Alfred has been kidnapped by the Millionaire Mobster Club!

The club's leader wants Alfred to prepare a millionaire's meal for his gang. Alfred gives them a list of ingredients he needs that act as clues in order to tip off Batman and Robin. Arriving just as the Millionaire Mobster Club is sitting down to eat Alfred's meal, Batman and Robin manage to smash up the gang and turn them over to the authorities.

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