starkiller809's Batman #19 - Nowhere Man, Part 1 of 2; Ghost Lights, Part 1 of 2 review

Batman #19

The Good

Greg Capullo continues to do amazing work on this series. He draws Gotham the way it should be drawn along with Batman and his supporting characters. The expressions on the characters are telling and really get you at the right moments. He also manages to draw action and make it look big and fierce. He draws a lot of Bat-vehicles in this issue and they all look great and practical. Scott Snyder uses this gap between 'Death of the Family' and the upcoming 'Year Zero' to use a Batman villain that hasn't been used much since the relaunch. The result is one of the more interesting and fun takes of the character. The beginning of this issue is absolutely crazy that reading it, puts you in shock. Then we get to see Batman and Robin on one of their last cases and it's very well done. The action inside of it and the dialog go perfectly together. Seeing Bruce going through the cowl tapes was touching to see and probably one of the most emotional moments we've seen from Bruce. The end ties back to the beginning and will leave you wonder where this can go after that point.

The Bad

Because this isn't a long story, Snyder doesn't have the time to get into the plot and slowly and as interestingly as he has had for the past 18 issues. This isn't a bad thing (we've been spoiled with two big arcs), but it feels slight different from what we've been getting before. The beginning was shocking, but everyone will know that there is something going on and won't fall for it.

The Verdict: 4/5 (Good)

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo continue to be apart of one of the best series currently being published. The stories are always put together nicely and told in an interesting way. The art adds a lot of character and really gives the book a tone along with the characters and the city. If you aren't reading this series, you are missing out on a great series that has nowhere to go, but up. I highly recommend this issue.


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