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The Joker's Original Robberies!

In the Joker's lair, the Clown Prince of Crime's new court jester, Gagsworth A. "Gaggy" Gagsworthy, entertains the Joker. So uproarious is the Joker's laughter that it inspires in him a new caper. The Joker drives into the Salon of Spectacles, intent on stealing all the original models of famous inventions. Gaggy uses his glass shattering scream to bring a chandelier down on the security guards, while the Joker's goons loot the room. Fortunately, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson are taking in the exhibits in the Salon of Spectacles. Donning their costumes, Batman and Robin rush in to foil the Joker's robbery. The Joker launches the side wheels of his car at the Dynamic Duo, who easily dodge the spinning missiles. Joker then launches himself from the car, with an ejection seat, landing feet first on the Batman. Gaggy rams the Boy Wonder, who topples backwards, hitting his head. With Robin stunned, Gaggy sets about removing the Boy Wonder's mask. A punch from the Batman though sends the Joker hurtling into Gaggy, knocking both men to the ground. The Joker and Gaggy leap back into their car, releasing a dense smoke screen to mask their exit from the Salon of Spectacles. When the smoke clears, it becomes apparent that the Joker got away with all of the models. Batman and Robin race to the Batmobile to pursue the Joker, but the Clown Prince of Crime is long gone.

Realizing that there is still one original model of a famous invention at risk, Batman and Robin drive to the home of Philip Perry, the inventor of the electric typewriter. Perry, however, reveals that his was not the very first electric typewriter. Hamilton Tyne invented an electric typewriter six months prior to Perry's. Batman and Robin race to Tyne's apartment, but they're too late. The Joker has already been there, and Tyne's typewriter is gone. Back at the Joker's lair, Gaggy's antics inspire the Joker's next caper. Unable to resist taunting Batman, the Joker leaves a message for the Caped Crusader, in the local paper. Deciphering the Joker's clue, Batman determines that the Joker means to make off with the original city hall of Gotham City. The Dynamic Duo race to intercept the Joker at the monument's site. Disrupting the dedication ceremony, the Joker arrives via helicopter, and attaches towing cables to the old city hall structure, carrying it away into the sky. Batman and Robin arrive just in time to leap inside city hall, as it is carried away. Arriving at their destination, the Joker returns the city hall building to the ground. Out burst Batman and Robin, taking the Joker by surprise. A fierce battle ensues, with Batman and Robin ultimately triumphing over the Joker, Gaggy, and the Joker's gang. Turned over to the authorities, the Joker and Gaggy find themselves sharing a cell. The little man will be entertaining the Joker from behind bars, for their foreseeable future.

Commissioner Gordon's Death-Threat!

Batman receives a phone call from Commissioner Gordon, who has received a threat on his life, from Fred Purley, a man Gordon put away forty years ago. Gordon is laying low in a hotel room, in Resort City. Batman departs immediately to come to the aid of his old friend. Unbeknownst to Batman, Purley has already abducted Gordon. It was Purley, perfectly mimicking Gordon's voice who sent for Batman. In the Batcopter, Batman travels to Resort City, then races to Gordon's hotel room. As Batman opens the door, the room explodes. With Batman away, Robin patrols the streets of Gotham City solo. The Boy Wonder spies criminals exiting the Foxcroft Jewel Salon, and springs into action. Robin has just about subdued the entire criminal gang by his lonesome, when he hears Gordon's voice... really Purley again... behind him. Distracted, Robin is felled by a blow to the head. Robin heads to police headquarters to report the robbery, running into Batman. The two compare notes and set about finding Purley's hideout. Robin recalls seeing a brochure for Flame Island, in the breast pocket of one of Robbins' gunsels. The Dynamic Duo journey to Flame Island, and begin searching, from the air, for any sign of Gordon. Amazingly, the Caped Crusaders spot the Bat Signal, emanating from a tower room, in a secluded mansion. Rushing in, the Dynamic Duo take Purley by surprise, taking him and his gang down, before any harm can come to Gordon. As it turns out, though Gordon did indeed carve the Bat Symbol into the blackened glass of the tower room, it was Purley who set a kerosene lantern down near enough to the window that shined the makeshift signal. Thus has Purley, inadvertently, brought about his own downfall.

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