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Batman #17 0

The PunchlineThe end draws nigh. It's about thirty minutes until midnight at which point I am hoping Comixology will add Batman and allow me to do an early review. (it didn't, so I went to bed an did the review this morning) Early reports from advanced and pirated copies say that we should expect good things from Batman #17, but I aim to give you my best objective opinion hype free. Still, it is hard not to feel some amount of apprehension and excitement as the minutes count down. This has only ...

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Nice Joke 0

FIRST OFF LET ME JUST SAY IF YOU'RE A FAN OF SCOTT'S AND YOU WERE GOING TO PICK IT UP ANYWAY DO SO NOW AS IF I SAY SOMETHING LIKE "I was stunned by what happened" YOU KNOW SOMEONE DIED LIKEWISE IF I SAY "I was underwhelmed" YOU KNOW SOMEONE DIDN'T DIE, IF YOU'RE ON THE FENCE THOUGH...Here's the spoiler free review...Since I can almost guarantee the reviews section of this book will be flooded with over hyped people feeling let down I'm going to try and put my excitement leading up to this issue ...

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The not so epic conclusion! 0

The Good:Capullo's art is spectacular as usual and Snyder's Dialogue was very good. Ultimately the comic was executed to the high standards this story-arc has gone through thus far.The Bad:Thoroughly underwhelming. Having followed this arc since the beginning its safe to say Snyder's Joker has been brilliant and I was waiting with baited breath for Snyder to deliver something incredible to finished this arc off. He had built up this arc and made it brilliantly dark. When the conclusion came out ...

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Batman #17 0

PREFACE:The end has come... at least to Snyder's run on the Joker, and bow does the clown have some surprises. The ending to this suspense ridden, anxiety attacking, and family murdering saga has left me personally excited beyond all reckoning these last few weeks, and I don't think I'll be the only one dying to see the end, but on to the review.PLOT:Now, usually I go through a play by play of what happened but the ending to this story is way to important to spoil. In fact, the comic was leaked ...

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Disappointing. 0

Ok here I am again back to reviewing. The end of another batman Story arc. I have to say it has been pretty good I've kept on the whole way and Joker has been a loved villain in this arc I have to say.As for my review of this book, I couldn't wait to see what was going to happened only for it to really fall flat on it's face and be anti-climatic, don't get me wrong I liked parts of this book but it's the ending of this story arc that I didn't like it feels like it will be forgotten in about hmmm...

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Who Lives? Who Dies? ARGH! 0

This arc's downfall was the hype machine that overrated it.Please check my mini-review here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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Batman #17 0

The Good: Greg Capullo is the perfect artist for Batman and he makes every issue the best that it cane be with his amazing style. He adds so much details to the Joker's face that is makes him so much more terrifying. The backgrounds are filled with lines that do nothing but improve the image. The expressions, especially the eyes convey so much emotion that he really makes these characters talk without the speech bubbles. It feels like there is a lot of symbolism in the art; such as a heart, the ...

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The Joke is on You 0

There will be spoilers. I'll cover some up. If you haven't read this issue yet, quit reading reviews and check the book out.I loved this issue, and I loved this entire story. I could see how some people might be disappointed though.I avoided websites all day. I stayed off as much of the internet as I could. I knew not to go to Bleeding Cool at all, because they post spoilers in subject titles. Waiting for that big reveal of what the Joker had in the dinner tray, was intense.The big wrap up is a ...

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The Punchline Hits. Blink and You'll Miss It 0

from PureNerdNip writing for The Capeless CrusaderToday's release of Batman #17 has already generated a lot of buzz. The fanboys love it, the critics hate it; one thing they can agree on though, it's definitely not an ending anyone saw coming.This issue concludes Scott Snyder's Death of The Family arc, touted as the biggest modern day Joker story in recent memory; and with his first major appearance in DC's New52iverse, expectations were certainly high. As we saw earlier this week, when comics n...

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The Good: Greg Capullo batman art is still GREAT. Scott Snyder really adresses a lot issues that the joker and batman. Why Batman hasnt killed the Joker and why he doest trust his family until now. The back up was the conclusion to this issue. It was all planned out well and the dialogue was pretty good this issue! I really liked the two headed cat monster.The Bad: TOO MUCH DIALOGUE , although it was enjoyable it was just too much for a ending issue arch and not enough action in my opinion. Also...

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A Magnum Opus of Mediocrity 31

SPOILERSYes, I'm back to reviewing, mainly because the few intelligent readers on this site deserve to read something from a Bat-fan who actually knows what they're talking about.First of all, the art is decent. Nothing incredible, occasionally painful for the eyes, but mostly solid. Anyway, onto what matters; the story.It's no secret that Scott Snyder's Batman run is pathetically derivative. Every issue reads like Snyder has just finished another, better work and just decided to rip it off. Thi...

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Batman 17 0

The DEATH OF THE FAMILY ends here!BEWARE! This is a SPOILER filled review. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!DEATH OF THE FAMILY has been an interesting turn of events. Scott Snyder has brought the Joker back from a year-long vacation to rid Batman of excess allies. Which ultimately had lots of action, suspense, and an overall great story from issue-to-issue. However, with the outcome of DEATH OF THE FAMILY, was all the suspense from earlier issues worth the wait for this ending?LAST CHANCE TO BACK DOWN! SP...

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The punchline was obvious 0

Okay so I'm gonna go into this saying that I wasn't expecting to be amazing, I wasn't expecting something groundbreaking, I wasn't expected the best comic ever. That said what I got was still disappointing.The Good: The art is nice as always, the dialog is...okay...and it's at least a good resolution to the story.The Bad: The more I think about it the more I really just didn't enjoy this comic. The "twist" was so obvious that I called it before I read issue 16. The combat scenes aren't really th...

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Death of the relationship (Spoilers) 0

Batman and the Joker have the greatest super-hero and super-villain dynamic of all time. When written by a great writer, their dynamic and banter between each other can be masterful and incredibly engaging. Scott Snyder has proven this with Death Of The Family, which as of the last issue of this arc, I hearby declare this to be one of the greatest Batman/Joker stories of all time.For months we were speculating: What was in Joker’s tray? Does he really know Batman’s identity? We get our answers i...

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Batman #17 Short Review 0

Batman #17 Short ReviewI have enjoyed the series overall but the ending of this issue was a bit of a letdown, but it doesn't really take anything away from the story that much. The story itself was fantastic. Its just that we had all these suspenseful well-written issues prior to Batman 17 building up and gaining momentum, that I thought the ending was gonna be something crazy. While I will say the ending wasn't bad, I thought something much bigger would happen. Instead I was left wondering what...

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The Laughter Never Dies 0

I don’t normally do this, but let’s look at that cover for a sec. They are REALLY dialing up the whole “Joker wants to have sex with Batman” thing past eleven aren’t they. I think it’s brilliantly done, but they missed a Golden opportunity for an homage cover to that famous Norman Rockwell painting where everyone’s having Thanksgiving Dinner. Oh well, coulda, woulda, shoulda.We open on black panels and Joker’s dialogue in the dark. I was only kidding about Joker wanting to screw Bats, but if you...

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Who dies? 0

Here is my video review for Batman issue 17. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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The Last Laugh 0

Scott Snyder solidifies Death of the Family’s place as one of the greatest Joker stories ever with Batman #17.What’s on the Joker’s plate? How has the Joker been able to capture the Bat Family? Does the Joker know Batman better than anyone? Who got the last laugh?We answer all of these questions and provide our own opinions in the video below!...

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Brilliant Finale 0

This has been my personal favorite story to have come out of the New 52, and I'm slightly sad to see it end, but everything has to end, and it's better to end whilst ahead, as some stories drag on, and lose quality cause of that.PlotThe grand finale to the Death of the Family crossover. Joker has all the Bat-Family sat around a table with Batman at the head of the table. The fates of everyone involved is in the balance, and Batman has to figure a way to stop Joker, without anyone dying.ReviewA b...

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Death of a Fan 0

The "epic conclusion" of this heart wrenching and anxiety building story arc has was rather lackluster compared to the build up.What went down:So up until this point the Joker has tracked down and screwed with the Batfamily, and now the Joker has them all together. The Joker pretends he cut off everyone's faces like he did to his own and is about to kill them all when all of a sudden, Batman breaks the ceiling of the cave and water rushes in and he saves the day in THE biggest cop out since Supe...

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Fantastic Read -- SPOILER ALERT 0

SPOILER ALERT -- I've been an avid Batman reader for years. I got out of it for awhile due to family obligations and got back into it at the height of the Morrison Batman: RIP fervor. Loved the Morrison stories, their Silver Age references and the literary references he made. That said, I came in on Scott Snyder's Detective Comics late, but loved the graphic novel from start to finish. I had high expectations for the Court of Owls and that did not disappoint (me anyway). When I heard he would be...

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TheGodDamnComicast 0

The God Damn Comicast!Two relatively new comic book readers that do a weekly podcast on the latest releases. We collect a wide variety of comics that span over Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, Vertigo and many more.We also share an unhealthy enthusiasm for writer Scott Snyder which receives his own special section on each of our podcasts o_0Please check our special podcast (recorded inside our local comic store) where we talk about Batman 17 and the overall Death Of The Family crossoverht...

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The Last Laugh 0

The Last Laugh: Batman #17 ReviewThese pages of Batman 17 constitute the final chapter in Death of the Family. It’s just a fact and to be honest, this is where everything changes for Batman. Where he goes from here and whether he has the full aid of the Family has yet to be discovered. Their trust is also to be questioned as they have just gone through the single worst trauma in their shared history. This arc has bled through into all of the Batman Family books, including Red Hood and the Outlaw...

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Pİnnacle of dissapointment 0

BEFORE WE BEGIN I'D LIKE TO SAY THAT I AM A FAN OF SNYDER'S RUN ON BATMAN ! THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS. ALSO THIS IS MY FIRST REVIEW SO BE NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!The GoodThe Joker's reveal: When his plan was fully revealed my jaw-dropped. Especially when we found out what was under the tray. Snyder really knows how to build suspenseCharacters: Like the rest of the deries this is the best portrayal of Batman since Final CrisisThe Joker is insane and vicious ! While Batman is dedicated to stopping the Jok...

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A CLASSIC Joker Ending 0

Dan and I discuss the merits of Batman #17 vs Hellboy in Hell #3. Warning: there are spoilers! See which one wins!...

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Final Dance For Now 0

All right, let me just gush and again say that I was right that Joker didn't know any of the secret IDs for the Bat-family.That little bit of bragging aside, let's take a look at this issue. Was it a good conclusion? Yes, it was good. Was it great and praise worthy and should have received as much of a push as it got? Not so much.Granted, we did have some material for the rest of the Bat-family to grow from here. They will have ramifications that will be sure to be dealt with in their own books,...

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WOW (spiolers!!!) 0

i am going to do a page by page recap with a couple of point at the endcover - greatit builds you excitement for what is to comefills in gap between 16 and 17 and what joker has been up to in other seriessame as 2 (2 page spread)joker tells us what trap batman has to get through to save everybody and turn to next page QUICK!Alfred!what is on the platterwe find out what is on the platter and the art looks amazing (should that lion be bat lion)reminded me of the dark knight (movie)remember that ca...

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Mediocre 0

This entire arc has excellent build-up, but unlike the twist at the end of Court of Owls, it's conclusion is both disappointing and nonsensical. The Joker's reasoning for cutting off his own face makes almost no sense, as does his reason for leaving Robin, Tim, Nightwing, and Batgirl with their faces on. In addition, we lack any sort of character development for anyone. And, I honestly wanted Batman to kill The Joker. He said "Everything that happens you tonight happens by me" and yet The Joker ...

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Batman #17 Rating 0

Cover & Solicit - 3/5Would I pick-up or buy the comic based on the solicit or cover alone?Are the alternate covers appealing?Does the solicit and cover portray what happens in the issue?Do I like the artist's style on the cover?Art, Colors & Inking - 3/5- Weighted DoubleDo I personally like this artist's style?Does the artist stay true to the characters appearance?If there are multiple artists do they blend well and not disturb the reading experience?Does the coloring/inking blend well w...

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Death of the family finale 0

This was the first new 52 story arc I read and it was the best I've ever read. The issue was a great conclusion to the whole arc... The joker died(or did he)...the bat family got joker gased...and batman beat the joker again but at what cost. There's just one thing tho I think that catwoman should of been captured by the joker or she shouldn't of been included in the arc atall. And the ending was brilliant showing each of the bat family member alone. I can see this being made into a film one day...

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