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This issue sees a whole host of changes to the Batman title - and its not only the yellow circle around the black Bat-insignia on Batman's chest. This issue marks a shift in emphasis from Batman and Robin battling aliens to a more detective orientated run. This is the first issue that featured the secret wall panel that led to an automatic elevator to the Batcave. No more secret entrance via the grandfather clock!

At the Bottom of the elevator Bruce reveals the new sports car style Batmobile which exited the Batcave via an automatic door on a hillside. The final surprise comes as the Dynamic Duo drive into town. Seeing the Bat-signal flash overhead, Batman flips open a dashboard compartment to reveal a new "hot-line" phone direct to Commissioner Gordon's office.

This issue also introduces the Mystery Analysts of Gotham City, a group of detectives who met to discuss baffling mysteries and comprised Batman, Professor Ralph Vern,(a laboratory sleuth), Art Saddows (crime reporter), Kaye Daye (a crime novelist) and Police Commissioner Gordon. At their first meeting, private eye Hugh Rankin tried to join the group by solving the mystery of Batman's secret identity. With Batman's permission, Rankin produced a dummy that looked nothing like Bruce Wayne at all. He was bald, overweight and his nose was too big. The club members looked to Batman for verification, and the caped crusader removed his mask to reveal...he looked just like the dummy!

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