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  1. Cover by Shelley Moldoff.
  2. "Bat-Girl -- Batwoman II!" written by Bill Finger, penciled by Chic Stone and inked by Charles Paris. Reprinted in: DC's Greatest Imaginary Stories #2.
  3. "The Joker Jury!" written by Bill Finger, penciled by Shelley Moldoff and inked by Charles Paris. Reprinted in The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told.

In the lead story, Batman and Robin are captured by the Joker, who promptly puts them on trial with himself as the Judge! But wait a minute - who are the members of the jury - they are all the Joker as well! (Actually they are the Joker's henchmen wearing masks). Can the Dynamic Duo escape their sentences?

"Bat-Girl -- Batwoman II!" In the second story, Alfred Pennyworth continues his imaginary tales as he tell of how Batgirl will one day grow up to be Batwoman II. Crystal ball clearly not working, Alfred.

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