dark_noldor's Batman #16 - Castle of Cards; Judgement review

Dance Macabre

Weird doesn't it even begin to explain the sick and twisted mind of the Joker, when you think he's reached the limit, he comes with more and more derranged behaviors, all an attempt to show Batman some kind of feeling he has towards the bats. In this new issue of Death of the Family crossover, we see a losing hope Batman go further and further into rooms of madness, accordingly placed in Arkham.It didn't even bother me the fact that Arkham Asylum is again in the equation, since it's a place that must mean a lot to Joker and it was very interesting how he decorated and designed the place, for a big reception for Bats. Scott Snyder digs deep into the clown's insanity in this issue, showing a level of preparation for the big party he's been announcing since this arc story begun. No matter how hard Batman tried to antecipate Joker's moves, the villain could see his every single actions, what built up a sense of frustration and great thrill. Actually this issue was filled with a thrilling sensation, the feeling of unnexpected that's encapsulating this story: Snyder quite not delineated what's the full scale of Joker's plan, even in his madness there's a twisted logic,a path that leads all his erratic actions and that's very good to keep things interesting in this plot. Also it was awesome seeing Batman pushing further, winning every obstacle, sure sometimes it felt he defeated the challenges too easily, considering there're some stories that he takes whole issues to bring down the villains he put down in single panels, but that's just more proof, in my opinion, that Batman is being driven by adrenalyn, by an animal instinct that controls him, that's just how the Joker is under his skin. It's good that I'm only following this title and, despite a remark or two about the other tie-ins, there were no necessity for me to go look into the other stories to fully understand the main plot. Capullo keeps delivering amazing action scenes, his storyline is fantastic. I really enjoyed how the colors and the art showed the Joker's face starting to decay, flies all around it, really creepy stuff. Also I would like to point out that no true animal was injured or hurt in the making of this comic book.


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