caladbolglight's Batman #15 - But Here's the Kicker; Red Light, Green Light review

More Poetic than Shakespeare

The Good

Well, so here we are, Chapter 2 of the Death of the Family arc, written by Scott Snyder. I haven't written a review in ages and I have decided to leave out the issue summary, mainly because of a lack of time to spend an additional half hour typing.

Anyway, wow.

First of all, the first page really gets to you. Seeing Joker, half-shadowed, leering at you, the reader, really makes you shiver. This is not a book that you want to read in your basement at night. The words that accompany this first page strike equally as strong, really hitting your soul with a metaphorical hammer (I hope someone got that reference).

The Joker that Snyder paints in his stories is exactly what the Joker should be. He's absolutely terrifying, fully insane, and funny in a ridiculously dark way. He's the perfect adversary for a character as cool and calculated as Batman, with all his rules and his lack of emotion. Even the way that the Joker's words are typed, in that font, word really effectively.

Capullo's art is for the most part truly amazing, and he paints such a dark Gotham and shows the depth of each character with his pencils.

At one point in the comic, Batman starts to hallucinate and this part plays out like a full-on nightmare, the kind that leaves you short of breath.

Lastly, the way this issue ended lift me grinning. Arkham Asylum is one of my favourite locales and parts of the Batman mythos, and really, seeing it show up really made me look forward to the next issue.

The Bad

While Greg Capullo's art is amazing, at times I find some of his art hard to grasp. I'm not the greatest fan of the way he draws faces, they seem chunky, and while I'm sure it's an artistic choice, it isn't what I like to see.

I was always a skeptic of the Joker getting his face cut off, and while I appreciate how scary he looks with it half attached, part of me also thinks that it looks slightly rediculous, and that the idea is unnecessary.

The Verdict

This story is looking very promising. Snyder is a pro at writing Batman stories, and while for some inexplicable reason, I'm not overly interested in this book, I think that that's more me than the actual book. If dark themed comics are your muse, then this book should definitely be on your pull list.

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Posted by BatWatch

To be fair to Snyder, the face getting cut off was not his idea. That was...whoever wrote Detective #1's idea, but they never finished up the concept, so Snyder had to adapt it to his story.

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