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"The Blue Bowman"

Batman and Robin go up against the Signalman in a new costume and now calling himself Blue Bowman. The duo discover that while in prison, the Signalman met Bulls-Eye, a criminal who adopted Green Arrow's trick arrow motif but altered it slightly by committing crimes instead of stopping them. Inspired, Signalman followed suit and decided to adopt the persona of Blue Bowman. The Caped Crusader tries to bring the Blue Bowman to justice but is thwarted by the trick arrows again and again until Batman adopts a counter measure; trick batarangs! Blue Bowman is quickly defeated and returns to jail.

"The Island of 1,000 Traps"

In pursuit of the nefarious George Milo, Batman and Robin risk their lives on the Island of 1,000 traps.


When Batman, Robin and Batwoman find themselves trapped in a circle of electricity and at the mercy of the Cobra Gang, all seems lost until a newcomer swings onto the scene. Batgirl makes her debut and saves her costumed colleagues in the process. Suspecting she knows who the girl behind the mask is, Kathy (Batwoman) Kane is not surprised to learn that Batgirl is her neice, Betty. Not only does the Boy Wonder now have a female counterpart, perhaps here is his first love interest?

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