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Batmantown, U.S.A.

The mayor of Plainville decides to rename the town after Batman to attract more tourists and increase the general population. Batmantown is apparently crime free but when the Dynamic Duo learn a known gangster is resident there, they decide to investigate. On arriving in Batmantown, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson pretend to be actors and audition to play Batman and Robin in a pageant in their honour. Using this opportunity, the heroes uncover a plot to rob the entire town.

The Hunters of Gotham City

A ship transporting exotic animals from around the world to Gotham City Zoo crashes at the pier and a number of animals manage to escape. Batman and Robin help the Zoologist and his assistant to round up the escaped animals one by one and discover that some of the animals may have been used for smuggling diamonds.

The Great Batman Contest

Batman and Robin decide to add to their arsenal of gadgets and offer a fully paid scholarship in Criminology to the contest winner who can invent a new Bat-gadget. After receiving enough entrants to fill up the Batcave, the Dynamic Duo narrow it down to the last four. Each gadget is then used in an actual mission to help solve crime and wait till you see the winner!

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