mtharman's Batman #1 - Knife Trick review

Gotham City is "Awesome"

Simply amazing as to how professional the starting point of this issue was introduced. With writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo introducing the first part of the Knife Trick, Batman finds himself involved within two separate stories as both costumed hero of the night investigating a “weak link” at Arkham and as the multi-millionaire Bruce Wayne who’s decided to reshape Gotham City into something much better. Two different stories that are both bound to enter-twine with each other when Batman is facing an unexpected situation that may be from his misunderstanding of how criminals truly think. With Batman being well-known for his understanding of the criminal underground and easily finding criminals being too predictable, Snyder has found himself introducing something new when having the tables turn on Batman when facing a new threat that’s probably a few more steps ahead of him.  

As much of a fan I am for the starting storyline that Snyder gives, I can comfortably say that the artist Greg Capullo is someone who knows how to put John Romita Jr. to shame. Not much of an artwork critic, but both Capullo and Jonathan Glapion really knew how to add the dark environment and add the intense moments in a way that I see Romita Jr. try to get with his artwork.

Because of how Snyder and the artwork team successfully gave the Knife Trick storyline an awesome start with their very interesting storyline and properly displayed artwork, there’s no reason why I couldn’t give this issue any less than a five-star rating. There is a reason why a lot of fans would highly recommend this issue and why comic stores proudly display this single issue onto their shelves, and I would say that it's a reason that should be found out for those who never had the chance to read this one issue.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy Batman #1
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Posted by eregecardoso

The artwork is to brash and manga-like as opposed to the maturity in the story. I've never been a fan of Capullo's artwork, it's a reminder of everything that went wrong in comic-books by the late nineties. The scene where we see the Wayne family all together is too confusing they all look the same. And at the cocktail party Bruce and the politician look the same, in fact it's ridiculous because Capullo is unable to characterize the characters graphically so he simply musses Wayne's hair to make the difference. The artwork simply isn't what the book demanded. My opinion.

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