final_arrow's Batgirl #6 - Core Requirements (Part 2) review

Not going to Lie

I hated Steph becoming Batgirl but now I I have been turned into a fan. This issue was one of the main turning points for me, Damien and her make a great back and forth. Batman finally starts to see her in a diffrent light and over all this actually made me laugh out loud at points. I think my main problem was dealing with the lose of Cassie but once you start to notice that Steph is a totally diffrent type of Batgirl to Cassie. Cassie is a fighter with lots of skill and Steph is finding her feet in the world with and with out the cowl. This really sums up how much Steph has taken the role to heart and how much she still needs to do. This Issue actually made me think that Steph can do the job in a very diffrent way to Cassie. Think of Steph as the Babs for this era. Great Art and fun writting really worth the read.
Posted by NightFang

I think  Steph can be a great character if she written well.  

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