grim's Batgirl #6 - Core Requirements (Part 2) review

Robin vs. batgirl

ok. I know there are tons of you who hate both Stephanie and Damian. Well.... you shouldn't read this issue.
 Its a mirror image of  Barbara  and Dick all those years ago, duke'n it out to prove who's the better bat kid. We also get some Actual Barb on Dick (er...Batman) Action, as the two reminisce on the good old days when they where the brats in the capes.
 The story runs smoothly enough. A couple of cool characters climb their way out of the underused box and take it to Dick while the bat-minors learn to work together. 
 honestly, the only thing anyone can hate about this issue are the characters.If you like the current core of the Bta-family (minus Tim), you'll love this issue.

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