harleyquinn12's Batgirl #5 - Core Requirements (Part 1) review

Starting To Like her.

At first,I thought well Stephanie Brown,I don't know about her as Batgirl. It was mainly beacuse I really wanted Misfit to be the new Batgirl. I'm starting to like Stephanie as Batgirl. This issue,unlike the other issues of the new series gave Stepahnie a whole new character. She seemed to me in the first scene to be acting a lot like Misfit. The scene with Damian talking to Stephanie sorta urks me,in the fact that it just makes me hate Robin even more. I always liked Tim,but Damian's just this little kid who knows next to nothing about being Robin,so that was really the only thing I didn't like about this issue. Love how Babs has absolutely nothing that fits Stephanie.  The art was great,and I love this issue's cover. Phil Noto is fantastic! Overall,I'm thinking about getting the next couple of issues. Best issue so far!


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