samimista's Batgirl #3 - A Breath of Broken Glass review

“What Is It About Redheads?”

The title of this review refers to a question Dick asked himself as Barbara starts jumping on rooftops playing tag with him. The question in the title could also refer to "Why are we so addicted to this Batgirl series?". Simple answer to that: Gail Simone knows how to write women with class and depth into their external and eternal conflicts.

Plot: Mirror plants a bomb on a train filled with citizens that Batgirl tries to save but fails on her mission. Afterwards she comes across Nightwing and starts reminiscing about the past.

The Good: To me, this is a treat for the fans who ship Babs and Dick. The two currently aren’t dating in the reboot however, in this issue it’s majorly hinted that they both have feelings for each other as Babs almost said she loves him but before she could finish the word ‘love’ she changes it to ‘like’. Dick who is very worried about Babs health wants to help her take down Mirror as her walking now could change if her health gets in risk. So the two don’t get into an argument Babs decides to play tag with Dick just like they used to when they were kids. From here beautiful flashbacks begin showing the two slowly falling in love as young kids.

The Bad: It was disrespectful that Barbara punched Dick considering he just wants the best for her and worries about her health. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He just simply wanted to help her so he can make sure she’s safe.

Verdict: As I said before what really made this issue is the scenes Nightwing and Batgirl shared together. The flash backs were the icing to the cake. This issue is very solid and has the perfect balance of action and character interaction.

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