starkiller809's Batgirl #19 - A Blade From the Shadows review

Batgirl #19

The Good

Daniel Sampere's art is good. His style is very clear and it makes each panel very simple. The expressions are fairly strong and convey emotion like they should. Sampere also adds a lot of details into the background that really makes the world come alive.The use of shadow in some panels is well done and really shows how dark Gotham is, compared to the brightness of the apartment Babs shares with Alysia. This issue marks the return of Gail Simone, who was fired and unfired. She had to continue on the work that Ray Fawkes had started and she managed to end the story satisfyingly. We get a little bit into the motive of James Jr. and we get to see a little of Barbra and James time as children and it's nice to see then as children. The end of this issue also should affect Babs quite a bit. I'll just say that this is one of the comics where the cover, doesn't lie.

The Bad

Daniel Sampere's art is good, but it's not memorable. The panels just feel a little bland and overly simple. Gail Simone's return was very mixed. It wasn't the best issue of the series, and it wasn't the worst. The reveals in this issue weren't great and leaves the reader wanting more, and not in the good way. James Jr. motive was extremely weak and his plan, or lack of one, makes the character we were lead to believe was super smart (and portrayed that way in the brilliant Black Mirror) feel stupid. James Gordon also makes me mad in this issue and his appearance is a little cliche.

The Verdict: 3/5 (Okay)

Gail Simone did what she could and she defiantly got attention with the reveal of Alysia (Which was well done). If you are looking for a goo Batgirl story, come back next month were Simone will be able to start off a new story without have to be fired for no reason. This issue was good, but I don't think that it will hook any new readers. I suggest that you just wait for the next issue that will no doubt, be fantastic.


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