the_mighty_monarch's Batgirl #16 - Collision, Part Three: Ceremony review

Chainsaw Vows

I'm not sure how I feel about this cover. It's a lot simpler than the other Death of the Family Batgirl covers, but it's pretty effective in that simplicity. Though I can't really tell what the deal is with the other eye, one of them is the normal costume... and the other is NOT The Joker. Why is Batgirl's right eye have that kind of costume over it? It makes her look a tiny bit like Cassandra Cain at a glance.

The artwork is once again inconsistent, split between Ed Benes and Daniel Sampere. Ed Benes, though, doesn't get a chance to flaunt Batgirl's increased curves that he draws on her, and actually manages to draw quite a few really epic panels, especially the one where Joker prepares to use his chainsaw for the first time. DC's got a great writer in Gail Simone, and Batgirl is a pretty big name series; why can't they keep the art team consistent?

Why is there and Interlude One but not and Interlude Two?

Once again, I LOVE the way The Joker is written, he has an utterly insane brilliance about him, and every little detail is so perfectly written to suit him, from his hilarious bridesmaids to his disturbing plans for Barbara post-wedding ceremony; Simone can write a great Joker. Barbara, however... But like I said last issue, I think it's more DC's fault for creating such an inconsistent personality framework for her. I mean, seriously, she's smart enough to freaking READ SOMEONE'S WRITING BY THE MOVEMENT OF HER PEN!? THIS Batgirl who just last issue made all sorts of stupid moves and before that severely underestimated Batwoman and just.... she's been entirely too inexperienced in this series. Pre-New 52 Oracle, I could completely buy her being that smart, but not THIS Barbara. On the other hand, Gail Simone does write James Gordon Jr. really well for once. His monotone expressions make him incredibly difficult to read, and he weaves lies like spinning silk into gold.

The ending is a bit rushed, and it makes the whole story feel a little badly paced. There was no real need to have this spread out across two locations, so once things had been fully stretched out, and Simone had written all the brilliant details in The Joker's dialogue, actions, and planning; she wrote herself into a corner and just had to tie it all up into an ending real quick. The final page mirrors that of Batman and Robin's last Death of the Family tie-in and really creates some intense tension in the wait for Batman #17.

In Conclusion: 3/5

Once again, I'm just not feeling this Batgirl. Her rage is interesting, but it kind of defies all the lessons she's learned through the entire first year of her series; but at the same time it could be taken as her ultimate test.... except she fails, pretty badly. It just doesn't seem to empower her a whole lot, and continues to defy her entire pre-new 52 personality and doesn't create a fully consistent personality for the new one. This arc had potential, especially with Simone's great handling of The Joker, but ultimately leaves off a little lacking.


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