cerial442's Batgirl #16 - Collision, Part Three: Ceremony review

I Always Laugh At Weddings

First, I just want to say, I love the cover to this issue.

Now we have the big wedding of Barbara and Joker. Such a lovely couple. Barbara's mother is still being held hostage in the bowling ally, and Batgirl has to go through with the shame wedding. Joker has a wedding present though, in the form of a chainsaw.

Just when things are going smoothly for the ceremony, James Jr shows up and objects. Then we see Batgirl snap. Joker took a lot of her life back in the day, and not only did it mess up her back, it messed up her mind. She has dreams of killing the Joker, and doesn't always feel guilty about it. She shouldn't really, I mean Joker is a monster. I'm a fan of the character, but he is a monster, and has stopped being human. He is no more human than a Jason or Freddy Kruger.

Batgirl goes off on the deep end, and then we wonder who is crazier, Batgirl or Joker. The story has a little bit of a twist, stuff happens, and then we see the dinner tray of doom. The same "special item" housed in a dinner tray.

What's in it? We don't know, but this time we did see some blood. I have a theory what it is, and it might shake the Batman comics forever (if forever lasted in comics).

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