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Batgirl - Who Do You Trust?

 Who is he talking to?
Batgirl is fighting the mythical (but real) creature known as Clayface! Will Batgirl survive? Yeah Steph will survive, she is Batgirl! With the help of her sidekick Wendy Harris (Just kidding), Steph won't be over her head. Penciler Mr. Pere Perez is joined by Smallville writer, Bryan Q. Miller (no relation to Frank Miller) who have already taken over Batgirl by storm! Giving awesome team-ups and thrilling battles, Steph Brown is not without friends, because in the next issue Supergirl will join this Blond haired crime fighter! Well their both blond, however it's a legendary team-up.


 Amazing Fantasy #15. Spiderman's first appearance.
Batgirl is another cool female character. Steph Brown should be a member of the Birds Of Prey. Ed Benes would do a great job drawing Batgirl, she's drawn cool in here, however she might want to become a member of a "female" friends team. Since her boss (Oracle: Barbara Gordon, First Batgirl) is leading the team against White Canary. Maybe we will see her appearance in Birds of prey, maybe not. However, since the pass issues (with Oracle), Steph has been roaming with Proxy. Her new sidekick. Still kidding! Mr. Perez's artwork for this issue was cool and flawless. The cover's always explain a whole bunch, about what is going to happen in the issue. What comic cover doesn't right? With great colors and a good story, Batgirl is something most people should read. It also contained a classic "Spider-Man" Scene, Can You Find It?


 Ads are annoying. See Batgirl even sees herself twice!
Holy cow Batgirl! So many ads. I don't want to see a add that shows a ads that I just saw previously 3 times in a row. Crap! Keep ads limited

Batgirl #13's Verdict

 Basil Karlo was married?
When It boils down to a Batarang that fits inside Steph's utility belt, Batgirl's story lines are fun and amazing. If you are interested check out issue 12, that would be a good place to start. If not. Start here on issue 13. Because Supergirl and Batgirl is going to be something you're not going to wanna miss. The verdict of this issue is 4/5.  Until this bat becomes a superbat. Fly, Fly, Fly!
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