super_man_23's Batgirl #13 - Trust review

Batgirl #1: It's All About Trust!

"How Many More Have To Die?" - Batgirl (Stephanie Brown). Batgirl is starting off fighting a classic Batman villain. The shapeshifter known as Clayface! DAdumDA! Clayface is going to stop at nothing to gain his "mysterious" prize. It is up to Batgirl to stop him, or she and everyone else in the bank will die. Written by Bryan Q. Miller and Penciled by Pere Perez. If you want action call Red Robin, If you want violence call Jason Todd, and if you want, uh, I'm not sure, Just call Batgirl. 

The Good

Batgirl is now fighting more classic bat villains. From Calculator (if he even counts as a bat villain) to now, Clayface. Batgirl isn't a violent comic with a whole bunch of blood and killing. It's more of a kinder tone for Batman comics. I certainly enjoy reading Batgirl, her adventures have been funny. You don't see Tim Drake or Dick Grayson playing Ping-Pong. Nope only Steph Brown will do that in her comics. With new stories created by other Bat writers, Batgirl is something everyone should read. While I disagree at times with the decisions the writers make, the outcome is usually what I expect. A example is in this issue, Batgirl should've got shot. You know to make a cliffhanger. However, I guess that would just doing a re-run of a previous Batgirl issue. I would just change that, you know to make it interesting.  

The Bad

Ads, Ads, Ads. Get yo Ads at of my comic! Well it's anyones comic who buys Batgirl #13. Every other page was full of ads. This is probably the worst thing that can happen when you read a comic. Well maybe not the worst thing.  

The Verdict

Batgirl is a funny comic series to read. If you want a "lighter" tone for Batman comics, then Batgirl's stories are the ones for you. Pick up this issue, or read some of the previous ones. Issue 10 would be a good place to start. Any who, Batgirl will be teaming up with Supergirl in the story called, The World's Almost Finest. Overall this is a 3.5 out of 5.

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