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Batgirl: Year 2 Begins Well 0

Synopsis: Batgirl chases Clayface, chats up Proxy, and Detective Gage gets some character development.  The Good: From the start I've enjoyed Stephanie's Batgirl title. She consistently delivers a simple fun superhero title that doesn't have to ride the waves of crises or change the way we think to be a great read, and this issue was no exception. Nice neat One-Shot story, normally I'm a bigger fan of arcs but after Flood, this was a good start to her second year. Some very nice glances at Detec...

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Stephanie Brown.......Batgirl.......Daughter.....Ping Pong Master 0

  Cover As always the Batgirl covers are always great. The cover also shows a little of Batgirl’s sarcastic side. Story Stephanie is in a heated match of… pong with one of her fellow students. This is what Stephanie does when she has no classes and is not needed as Batgirl. Stephanie wins and right when her opponent wants to play another game but, this time with two paddles she gets a call from Proxy because there is a shooting at the Financial District. She gets there right on time when D...

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Batgirl face of against Clayface 0

With the second semester of college starting for Stephanie, the second year of Batgirl starts.  Pros:   After a funny opening with Stephanie in a battle for her life, she gets interrupted by a call from Wendy with a bank robbery. Its rare for Bat vigilantes to be out in daylight, but Stephanie's a rare girl to find. Its a small story that works well that contains one of Batman's rogue of enemies testing Steph's skills. I'm glad that this issue put to use of Wendy Harris as her ne...

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Batgirl #1: It's All About Trust! 0

"How Many More Have To Die?" - Batgirl (Stephanie Brown). Batgirl is starting off fighting a classic Batman villain. The shapeshifter known as Clayface! DAdumDA! Clayface is going to stop at nothing to gain his "mysterious" prize. It is up to Batgirl to stop him, or she and everyone else in the bank will die. Written by Bryan Q. Miller and Penciled by Pere Perez. If you want action call Red Robin, If you want violence call Jason Todd, and if you want, uh, I'm not sure, Just call Batgirl.   The G...

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Batgirl - Who Do You Trust? 0

 Who is he talking to? Batgirl is fighting the mythical (but real) creature known as Clayface! Will Batgirl survive? Yeah Steph will survive, she is Batgirl! With the help of her sidekick Wendy Harris (Just kidding), Steph won't be over her head. Penciler Mr. Pere Perez is joined by Smallville writer, Bryan Q. Miller (no relation to Frank Miller) who have already taken over Batgirl by storm! Giving awesome team-ups and thrilling battles, Steph Brown is not without friends, because in t...

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Trust on a Tuesday. 0

Story: The story starts off with Steph playing ping pong on her day off from school. Proxy calls Steph to let her know that the police are shooting up the financial district to try and bring down a guy who is suspected of murdering his wife. The police are trying to get him and they are having no luck. So detective Gage runs after him. They both end up on the roof and it turns out that this Griswald guy who supposedly murdered his wife is Clayface. Clay shoots Gage off the building and Steph com...

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Review: Batgirl #13 0

The Story The issue opens up with Stephanie enthralled in some intense game of ping-pong, which if I may say is a total realistic depiction of college life.  but yeah it's Stephanie's day off from classes at Gotham U, and it's Tuesday and she's thoroughly enjoying herself.  Up in till, she get's a urgent call about a standoff downtown and that she's the only bat available for the job.  What's a hero suppose to do? Steph cuts her game short and runs off, then we learn farther down the line this s...

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Maniacal Mud-slinging 0

Very interesting issue that handled itself pretty well for what it was trying to be. Batgirl would actually go against one Batman's most greatest enemies as she would chase him into a bank and tries to stop this villain herself. As the moment becomes more challenging for this new Batgirl, its no doubt that comic and Batgirl fans would find disappointment with this fun and interesting issue.  The Good: - I like the character respect in this comic, seeing Batgirl living a double life that is both ...

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Trust 0

I picked this issue up on a whim at the comic shop.  I don't know anything about the characters or the story happening, but just wanted to give it a shot.  I always think the covers are great and wanted to see the rest of it.  I was not let down in the least. The art throughout was really good.  It really enhanced the story. I liked how this issues started out with the police chase with Batgirl coming in a little behind the action.  It was interesting how this police chase of a person of interes...

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