Is There a Bat-Pole?

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For as many years I have read Batman comics but I have never seen him enter the Batcave. On the legendary 60' s show Bruce and Dick would slide down the pole and vow-la they were in the cave. Now I'm sure they're schematics and blueprints on how to enter the Batcave but has anyone read one? How many entrances are there from Wayne manor to the Batcave and where are they?

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Batman: The Animated Series always had the grandfather clock in the living room as a secret entrance and I'm fairly certain I've seen that in other media...
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Theres an Arkham Asylum entrance in the Game Arkham Asylum (its on a cliff and you walk into a carved out cave while  a scanner scans all areas and if acess granted then the rock folds down and you enter PREEETYYY COOOLLL). 
and other times I guess they just walk down the stairs like its a basement haha.


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