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so we all know batman,we all know he is supposed to be somewhat hightech in a matter,specifically with suit and gadgets,or atleast gadgets incorporated in a suit....

so i had an idea,batman makes a suit called "Kinetic Force" batsuit,or something like that

i already know batman has nano technology in his suit (it's actually just microfibers in the development of his suit to increase armor and resistance to attacks),so why doesn't batman add actually nanotech instead of going military level,he should be above crime in tech by a longshot,and if they get a hold on miltary grade tech (in AC penguin has/had military grade tech),that cancels out a concept on why not have a suit that is exactly like your primary suit,but more high tech,this suit will be based on (drum roll).......kinetic energy,and more

1.)so each punch,kick,fall,etc will store kinetic energy in his suit,the kinetic energy helps in a number of ways because they increase his punches and kicks and aid him in his jumps for higher jumps and basically increase the power of his suit.and he can access the kinetic energy any time he wants

2.)they increase his strength by at least 20,but also depends on how much kinetic energy is stored,for increased strength,the kinetic energy is morely placed in his arms or upper body of the suit,for increased kicks or jumps,they are in the lower part of his body,and for his jumps,they give somewhat a boost in his jumps by also giving a pressurized boost under his boots,but not like rockets,just a burst of energy to set him off for longer jumps

3.)the suit also can only give off one emp blast in a vicinity of maybe a small room,or 250 square feet,or 150 square feet,(idk this is just a concept,so i will improve on this whole idea later),but requires a recharge time before and after use

4.)he has a collapsible jetpack stored on his back that can fold out wings that can hover or emit flight and pull in his cape when it is use

5.)well this concept is a maybe,what if his suit can turn invisible/camoflauge with the environment of any kind,however,for invisibility,batman must remain still,it doesn't have to be completely still,but he just cant movie,its only good for spying,etc....or,his suit gives off some sort of small field around him that bends light rays in order for him to camouflage and he can move.

6.)his suit can hold 10,000,000 gigabytes of info,just a small add on

7.)another maybe,his suit can be removed mentally by the suit reading the electrical pulses on what he wants to do,so the suit isn't alive or anything,but it reads his electrical nerve pulses

8.) his suit can interact with technology,however this is just a no-different from his suit exchanging codes with technology and overwriting their codes automatically,or "bonding".

9.) here's one of the concepts i was working on,in his gauntlets is one (or two cords) that shoots out and emits a powerful electric shock that can even knock out superboy,and in addition to that,they can siphen power from anything electronic,like phones,computers,and with powerlines,it cuts the cord of the powerline,which it then takes all the power from the powerline and electric boxes,and can even take all the power from a building.the excess power it takes is stored in the suit and acts as additional power and adds to the strength factor.

10.)oh yeah,and increases his endurance with additional help from the kinetic energy,and increases speed,and it emits a small field around him (must activate it,that goes without saying) that helps him fly,if not fly,atleast fall really slow OR he can manipulate it to atleast make him somewhat simulate flight...

11.) and it has all the other sidethings the batuit has,like built in lie detector,(love the detective mode idea in arkham city and asylum) and infrared,etc...and all the new 52 batman hidden gadgets...i loved the hidden rockets he had

AND for the joker make him have military grade technology as far as guns and machetes and machine guns and grenades and rocket launchers, make him have the basic equipment jason todd has,not everything as clown themed

ALSO,some ideas were taken from batman 1000000,but toned down,but most of these abilities even the modern batman has.....besides,batman didnt always have armor in his suit,it used to be just cloth

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That's too much overkill for Simple gotham thugs.If he had all these gadgets in one suit he would turn into an esque-Iron man Character.Batman's standard gears suffices in most situations and would equip these gadgets only if he had prep time.This would work better for a futuristic batman suit.

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the kinetic suit idea is the armor their using in the Wii U version of Arkham City

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@CrimsonCake: you can never be too i said,batman is supposed to be far above equipment on the streets and usually he has military grade technology,and penguin can get his hands on military grade tech,and this is nothing like ironman because ironman is not the only high tech hero...

ALSO WHAT IS WITH PREP TIME!!!!!!!!!! you dont need prep time,i said this was going to be an add on to his standard suit,do you think batman always had bulletproof armor for a suit,it used to be cloth,also batman CLEARLY does not need prep time because he has gone against and met people with many types of powers and abilities and has gone against every type of superpower there is and simply devises a tactic easily to defeat them (many times just based on observation and makes a plan in like 10 seconds and deduces their weakness in like 5) and even has them on his computer,so why wouldnt he incorporate some form of defense or atleast gadget in his suit...especially since he knows he can go against these dangers ANYTIME,so he knows you cant be too prepared,he has gone against like any power there is and more and even OWNS HIS OWN TEAM of metas,so why wouldnt he have them in his suit

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@CrimsonCake: however,he will not develop into an iron man character because ironman relies solely on his suit,however batman relies on more than that,his suit is only supposed to be an extra boost of help,so he wont need so much from it,so he wont be an iron man type character.........HOWEVER,did i forget to mention that many of the suits capabilities i got from batman 1000000,however,i toned them down a bit,but batman has tech in his modern suit that is similar to my idea

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Idk but for the movies it should be this except for the boots perfect huh.

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