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Allegedly a member of a race of creatures who have interacted with humans for at least 400 years,Bat-Boy was discovered in the Ozarks in 1992 by biologist Dr. Ron Dillon after the strange being was trapped by a falling rock in a cave the diminutive creature was hiding in. At the time only 2 feet tall and weighing less than 20 pounds, Dr. Dillon was shocked later when the creature grew a set of wings and escaped. This would be only the first of Bat-Boys many captures and escapes.


Bat Boy was a regular character in the now defunct tabloid Weekly World News. He was created by editor Dick Kulpa.

Character Evolution

As with the majority of stories and events reported in Weekly World News, Bat Boy was a completely fictional character. Stories about him became progressively more ridiculous as time went on, and Bat Boy was featured in a number of Weekly World news cover stories involving his time as a war hero in Afghanistan, his campaigns for Al Gore, John McCain and Barack Obama for presidency and his own campaign to become the governor of California.

In Comics

In the 2009 series Weekly World News, a comic book based around the most iconic characters and stories from the newspaper, Bat Boy is one of the main characters.

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