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Harper Row, a young woman in Gotham who works on the under-ground power-grid of Gotham City, found a Bat-box when she was researching Batman one night. She became infatuated with Batman after he saved her and her brother from thugs who attempted to physically harm them; Bruce tracked them from his party featured in Batman Vol. 2 issue 1, that Harper was invited to.

When she had found the Bat-box, she dissected it, learning what it is and how it operates; being somewhat of a hacker, she "improved" (in actuality she may have done more harm than good, due to not knowing Batman's specific purpose for the boxes) the box, and learned how to track Batman using them.

The original purpose of the boxes, when un-altered, is to siphon power from Gotham's power-grid unnoticed, and they do so in a way that does not harm the grid itself. Their other purpose is to be able to short out and block tracking systems and cameras in the area, so that Batman cannot be filmed on high quality or official film, thus helping him remain legendary and mysterious in Gotham.

Harper Row was able to detect, on her home PC, when a Bat-box went offline or was damaged, and when one of these boxes did in fact "malfunction", she went underground to try and fix it. Batman ordered her to cease and desist, because he had purposefully damaged the box in order to set a trap for another criminal he was tracking.

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