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Bastila was a human Jedi Knight. She was born on planet Talravin and fought during the Jedi Civil War.

During the Jedi Civil War, she was sent on a mission by the Jedi Council to capture Revan and deliver him to them. After they boarded Revan's ship, Malak (Revan's Apprentice) betrayed Revan and ordered his ship the ''Leviathan'' to fire at Revans ship. Revan nearly died from this but Bastila used the force to save him, which created a bond between them. The mission was a succes and Bastila delivered Revan to the Jedi Council, where they manipulated his mind, making him lose nearly all his memories.

Powers and Abilities

She was also gifted with the special force ability Battle Meditation. An ability which increased her allies' morale and demoralized her enemies.

Other Media

Video Games

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

In the video game, she was voiced by Jennifer Hale.

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