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Bass was the very first Auto-Navi..... becoming one of the few navi's not to have an owner. However, after being falsely accused for causing problems in the 'Net he was hunted down and nearly deleted, Since then he has sought to increase in any way possible in order to torment humanity seeking to someday gain his revenge against all of humanity.

He wants to destroy any Navi that relies on a human, or possibly convert them to his side. He thinks that the computer programs are much more powerful and efficient than the human race, and that they need to separate themselves and stop calling one another "partners". It was his hate for Navis' ties to humanity that caused him to hate Megaman.EXE and his operator Lan Hikari. After many fights Bass still remains Megaman.EXE's greatest foe growing stronger each time they've met. Although he hates Lan and Megaman he has grown to respect their power and fighting abilities.

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