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Brief History

A powerful arch demon the Basilisk is a agent of Marduk Kurios/Satan. It was bound once to Santana when she was training in Hell and was to be set loose when Marduk would attack Heaven. When Gloria Hefford summoned and was possessed by the powerful Demon mother, Kthara, it was Daimen Hellstorm and Satana she fought. During the battle Hellstorm was set against Satana who blasted her with his hellfire but she was protected and revived by the Basilisk power. Satana summoned the Basilisk to destroy Kthara which he did. When a former hell-ruler named Dansker attacked Satana, she was forced to give up a piece of her soul to the Basilisk. The Basilisk manipulated Silver Dagger to attack Dr. Strange and even had a lesser demon transform Strange into a werewolf. Satana helped Dr. Strange free himself from the curse but it also allowed the Basilisk to free himself from her. Weilding a flaming sword the Basilisk struck her and it told her either she dies or Dr.Strange would. Laughing she choose death knowing the Basilisk was tied to her life force.

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