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Brief History

After Harry Osborn was taken to a psychiatrist in the hopes of curing his insanity, Doctor Bart Hamilton hypnotised Harry  to cure him. However, whilst hypnotised, he told Bart Hamilton all about the history of the Green Goblin, Peter Parker's identity, and a warehouse where the Goblin's gear was located. Checking to see if this was true, Bart found himself overwhelmed by the sense of power. He then hypnotised Harry into taking pictures of Spider-Man disposing of his clone then mailing them to J. Jonah Jameson, in the hope that this would expose his identity. The plan backfired, and after a psychiatric session which ended with Harry attacking him, Bart decided he would take up the mantle of the Green Goblin. He tried to take over the mobs so that he would be king of the underworld, but they only agreed to give him leadership if he captured Spider-Man. Bart fought with Peter many times in one night, but after Peter finally unmasked him, Harry arrived, also with the Goblin gear, ready to stop Bart. The two foes fought, and in the end Bart got out his ace-in-the-hole: a miniturised bomb. However, just before he detonated it, a conveyer belt he was on knocked him back, so Peter and Harry were alright. Bart then died in the explosion.

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