Who is his love interest?

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Conner has Cassie. Tim has Tam. Who does Bart have?

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well their was the girl who knew his secret and they did like each other but that was before he moved in with Jay Garrick, but it could be Rose Wilson, cause of the Titans of Tomorrow story they were together

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Valerie Perez?

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@JCJQLB:   Oh dear lord, no! Never again, please! 

I like to pretend she never existed. She was horrid. And I think she would be a little old for him at this point. 
Though, her age didn't stop her from having a pedophilic crush on him before, why should it stop her now, right? That or the writers forgot she couldn't have been a teen when he was (at least I'm pretty sure she couldn't have...), I'm not really sure. It's been a while since I read that monstrosity.
I would prefer if Carol somehow magically came back, or if he and Rose got together. I really like the idea of Bart/Rose. It would be adorable, and Rose desperately needs some goodness in her life that, with luck, won't die on her, or go homicidal. 
Which brings up the question...Dose Rose actually know Eddie is dead? I'm a little lost on that one. If not I have a feeling horrible things will happen to the messenger.

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none anymore.

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Well it was ravenger now its solstice

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