Should he become Max Mercury when he grows up?

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Should he become him instead of the flash or if he will become the flash, should he have a more modernized version of Jay's costume?
I think this would be interesting since he is very close to Jay and Max.

#2 Posted by xerox_kitty (15762 posts) - - Show Bio

I think becoming 'Max' would be weird, but adopting something along those lines would be a nice touch.  I remember the days when not every speedster was destined to become the Flash :p

#3 Edited by superboyrocks13 (1070 posts) - - Show Bio
i agree but then who would be flash when wally or barry retires (i dont know who is the current flash )
#4 Posted by Green Skin (2918 posts) - - Show Bio

Why would he become Max Mercury?  It's not a mantle, his actual name is Max.  I could see him becoming Mercury, or something like that. 

#5 Posted by htb106 (1641 posts) - - Show Bio

it would be an interesting character change.

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