flash death

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this was the worst idea ever kill bart i cant believe it. and bringing wally back uhu cant be...what do u think?

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I dont think Bart will die, He made a damn good flash , I see him speeding into the future again

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Well I didn't like the initial re-launch of the series with all that emo crap and THE GRIFFEN! Or whatever the heck he was called. But I have always liked him as impulse then Kid Flash and when Mark Guggenheim took over he really put Bart back in the spotlight...his death was really freakin suprising but then again he is a DCU speedster and they rarely stay dead forever :P

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I always liked bart since before he was the flash and makes me real sad to see him go. I wonder what DC will do with bart. Like what they do with berry making couple of apperances since his death. i'am glad they brought back Wally though. Cant wait for All Flash to out. i hope he comes back in couple of year like wally did.

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i hope he returns time travel rulz anyway...wally is still a moron married which sucks kills lots of story material

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Wally is a far better Flash than Bart, seeing as Bart went from Impulse to Kid Flash to Flash in about a month...

I for one am glad to see Wally back.

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point taken but for me the flash is a funny guy always trying to score girls but cause of is superhero gig he just can´t seem to do it...which is a nice thing to see and enjoy month after month...and u can´t do that with wally west anymore. some hero just should not be married

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Suprised to see Bart die as well. I like Wally but is there anywhere else they can go with him?

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Okay, okay, back up: What happened?

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When/how did Bart die? I don't believe I have this one. (But that's normal for me!)

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ugh... i'll have to dig it out...

it was recent (comic terms anyway), Superman-prime had a big part in it...

something to do with Infinite crisis...

sorry i can't be more definite but it's 2:30am here lol


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GuardianAngel says:

"When/how did Bart die? I don't believe I have this one. (But that's normal for me!)"

Flash #13

he was killed by the rogues

but don't worry people Didio announced that Bart Allen's story isn't finished

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Okay, I haven't posted this in a while...

#15 Posted by Teen Manatee (421 posts) - - Show Bio

Bart is cool...but I think he was really cool when he was Impulse(everything's getting more complicated now)and I hope,if ever he comes back,he'd be Impulse again but older maybe.Leave Wally as the Flash he has fans anyway,right?

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@G-Man: that pic is hilarious. I'm stealing that
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poor, poor bart.

why kill him off?

they wouldn't kill him off if he was impulse.

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