Bart Allen needs a new Kid Flash Costume

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Well i was thinking and i hope comic book artists look it over sometime but,Am i right that Bart Allen needs a new costume? Since he returned things look like they have gone back to normal..he needs a newer and updated version, besides the Wally West look. 

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The Flash family is all about legacy. I think Bart's costume is fine...aside from the fact that I've always thought it looked more like something a Reverse-Flash would wear.

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Bart's costume is awesome and should remain unchanged and there are actually many tings different between the two costumes

 Bart has a ring around his lightning bolt Wally does not. Bart has futuristic looking combat boots. Bart's mid section has the rigged stripe across it. As well Bart's mask is more Domino mask like while Wally's is more flat and bland

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Well they are based off eachother,the only thing i see is the boots,But i think he needs to get this crap updated,its so 1994...They kill him off,then bring him back,the least they can do is give him a new costume.
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i always thought it would be cool if he had a darker costume, mabye something simllar to his black lantern costume or the black flash one

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his costume is fine as it is.

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