This list is in chronological order.

The Flash Volume 1:

  • Conqueror from 8 Million BC!/The Master of Mirrors! (issue 105). Read this issue if you want to know more about his famous villain, the Mirror Master.
  • Stupendous Triumph of the Six Super Villains! (issue 174). Issue 174 is about Flash's encounter with the Rogues!
  • Issue 193. This is about Captain Cold battling the Flash.

The Flash: Rebirth:

This is a 6 issue miniseries covering the return of Barry Allen to the world.

The Flash Volume 3:

The Flash (Vol. 3) spins-off the Brightest Day event. It is 12 issues long, written by Geoff Johns. If anything, the first six issues are must reads, the story arc titled "The Dastardly Death of the Rogues"


Most likely the biggest Barry Allen story as of now, The Flash is a main focus point in this universe changing event which caused the New 52! One day Barry wakes up in a reality that shockingly similar yet different from the one he know! Flashpoint is an important event to read for Flash fans and just DC fans in general.

The Flash Volume 4:

The current Flash series.

Vol. 1 is titled "Move Forward" (first 8 issues), with appearances from Captain Cold, and Turbine.

Vol. 2 is titled "Rogues Revolution" (issues 0, 9-12, and Flash Annual 1).

Gorilla Warfare:

The Flash Volume 4, issues #13-17. Gorilla Grodd is in Central City and it's up to the Flash and unlikely allies to stop him!


The Flash Volume 4, issues #19-23, 23.1, 24 (not yet completed). A new Reverse Flash is in town and is killing those who came in contact with the speed force.

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