Whatever happened to. . .

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Barry and Iris had two kids right? I never followed Barry much but as hes taken back the title of Flash from Wally I looked into some of his past stories and I'm a little confused, I thought that Barry and Iris were a bit older than they are now and again, where are their kids?
If its an obvious answer please forgive my ignorance.

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His children, Don and Dawn, grew up in the 30th century I think, and became the Tornado Twins, each of them had a kid, Dawn had XS from Legion of Superheroes and Don had Bart Allen. They died in a Dominator invasion.
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Oh OK, I never paid any attention to the 31st century stuff so I didn't get that. But did Barry have a relationship with them or was it like with Bart, aging to fast so they were seperated or something?

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That I don't know.

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Oh well, its not really imprtant, it just nags at me is all.

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Their kids were born in and lived in the 30th century.

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