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While I am posting some obscure ads from the 1960s (I posted one in my last blog) I thought it might be interesting to post this one about the Flash (who would have been Barry Allen at the time.)

As some of you know I was writing "Science of ..." articles for a while. I stopped not because I wanted to but because I have run out of source material (I can write them if someone thinks there are some science related stuff they would like me to have a look at.) Mostly this came from the science titles getting either dropped by me or canceled (I do have to catch up on Captain Atom and the Flash though.) Anyway that is somewhat off topic. The strange thing about this ad for me is that I don't think in the modern day that we would ever see an ad which was focused more on science (even if it is just scientific trivia.) In comparison though the comic in the 1960s were far for in soft science fiction (science fiction not based in science fact) than modern day comics. So it is strange that today's more hard science based stories don't have any science in the ads, where in those days they had the opposite.

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I miss those Science of Blogs :( They were really fun and in-depth. Hopefully more source material comes your way! *smiles*

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That is a great idea. I'm relatively new here, and I never saw any of your Science of articles. It's cool because I love to see Science in comics too. As for why there are no science ads in comics these days, I think it's because the comic reading audience may not care, and the only ads DC would allow are those that cater to comic fans, instead of those interested in science.

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@Twentyfive: I had quite a few, I am an environmental science student though so my physics knowledge is not as great.  Do you need a hand tracking them down?
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@RazzaTazz: It would be great if you could lend me one.

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Nice ad.

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