The Return of Barry Allen

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Does anybody know what's going on with this Novel?

Methos posted a thread about a Week back about it, and it's not getting Printed yet. Does anybody know why? I've pre-ordered it already, but i wanted to know how long i'd be waiting and why they've postponed it or whatever.

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Methos says:

"well to star with that image is from a TPB published about 12 years ago lol but as for Barry's actual return in comics i haven't heard anything else and will post it in the thread i created in i do hear anything. M "


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Lol, i know, and sorry i thought that image was for the new Graphic Novel. My local Comic book store 'Forbidden Planet' have it currently on their website and that's where i've ordered it from, but it says "This book is currently out of print" on the DC Comics website.

I just don't know why. I had the idea that they was waiting for another Crisis to happen to bring Him back and then they'd have a good story, but i'm really not sure.

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check the ISBN numbers against the link that me and Zero Edge gave ya...

both of those links you've just posted are exactly the same TPB as the one i posted, the ISBN 10 and 13 numbers confirm it

ISBN-10: 1563892685

ISBN-13: 978-1563892684

Thankfully Amazon posts both 10 and 13 for out of country ordering, where as the links you posted only list one or the other, but they both match up with the 1996 print of the Return of Barry Allen TPB from 12 years ago...



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yeah, it's out...

it collects the issues where Eobard Thorne returns to plague Wally pretending to be Barry, he brings with him a copy of Iris Allen's journal that states that Barry will return someday...

it's old stuff, back when Max Mercury, Jay Garrick and Jonny Quick were still running together


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Okay thanks, so it is actually out, just not in Britain?

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Thats fake. At least i hope it is.

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That story (the one from the image in the first post comes) is one that is very important for Wally, read it some time ago, good story in my opinion

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