New Reverse Flash identity theory

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So i was reading Flashpoint for the 2nd time in long time and noticed something that i didnt think about before. In issue 5, Barry was trying to stop his past-self from making the mistake of saving his mother. While doing so Barry threw himself off the time stream path. I looked through the pictures and didnt see any kind of merger between the 2 Barrys. So maybe the new Reverse Flash might be that other Barry that was going back/reverse in time to save his mother. Motivated by rage at not saving his mother, 2nd Barry/Flash or maybe Reverse Flash, is going seek out revenge on current new 52 Barry/Flash.

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I hope its still normal reverse flash. I'd rather not have Barry or wally be bad.

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That actually sounds like a plausible theory OP. Because I'd rage if Wally were to finally make his debut in the new 52 only to be a villain.

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I'd be ok with that, mainly because if it is Wally or Barry it would be alternate versions of them, not the main Wally and Barry. I could see something like this Reverse Flash being a new take on that Wallace West guy from the 90s and having stories with Wally being afraid of ending up like that, I know it's cliché but it could work. But it's probably gonna be Professor Zoom.

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