How do you feel about Buccellato and Manapul's Flash series?

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Some quick thoughts:

  • Love the lightish tone and having "Mr. Nice Guy" Barry Allen as the protagonist. In an industry where 80% of everything is trying to be more dark and edgy, Flash has taken the opposite approach, and I think it works.
  • Plot-wise I think there's been some neat ideas, but I feel the written execution has been lacking lately though. There's a lot of plot threads that have been allowed to dangle with little to no explanation.
  • "Gorilla Warfare" felt like a missed opportunity.
  • The art continues to be the book's biggest strength. This book is the most gorgeous thing in DC's lineup.
  • Wasn't a fan of Marcus To's backup art at all. Very relieved to see Marcio Takara take over while Manapul takes his break.
  • I'd love to keep the current art team and have a more experienced writer take the helm, but after seeing the likes of Mark Waid and Geoff Johns on the book, I'm not sure who the right fit would be at this point.

I don't know if I sound pessimistic in writing these things, but I really do think the book is good. I just don't think it's been great. Any other opinions?

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i have only read volume and i feel similarly the art is freaking awesome but mob rule as a villain was disappointing i liked captain cold better and the whole worm hole aspect if he goes too fast

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I don't think the Flash has ever been better, and I'm a pretty big Wally West fan.

Barry's the heart of the Justice League, so it's perfect that he's written as such a good man in his solo book. They've done a great job using some of the most colorful villains in the DCU and making it not feel silly. And obviously, the art is the best of any comic out there.

I look forward to this book every month, it's just fantastic and one of the best books being written or drawn. By far one of my favorites of the New 52.

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The writing is okay and the art is amazing.

I don't like most of the redesigns for the Rogues, though.

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It's not bad.The stories so far are okay and the artwork of Manapul is amazing.

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I also only read the first volume, I liked it but mob rule was a weak villain, they were the first one.

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Nice guy Barry is cool, but characters need to be dynamic. I don't care if he's dark or light, as long as he's developing. At this point, it doesn't seem like he is. Then again, Reverse Flash might change that.

I like the art a lot, and the colors even more. I think Manapul is a great artist, but my taste in superhero art depends a lot on the artist's definition of physique. Flash just looks a little bit too stylized in his suit (in civilian clothes he looks fine).

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Barry still needs a more interesting personality. Updates of most of the rogues into metas seems ok with the popularity of the x-men. New origin of reverse flash without time travel is simpler and probably better altho the name Reverse Flash still looks boring and maybe there will be a better explanation for the code name : Reverse Flash. Other people getting different powers from the speed force seems more confusing. The costume probably needs a simpler explanation.

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Volume 1 was awesome.

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I haven't been reading this title as I already have so much on my pull list at the moment. But I think its about time I see what all the fuss is about.

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I have zero interest in a Flash series that doesn't star Wally, no matter how gorgeous Manapul's art may be.

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@gadai said:

I have zero interest in a Flash series that doesn't star Wally, no matter how gorgeous Manapul's art may be.

Wally was very good but you gotta give Barry a chance if you are truly a flash fan

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