Have You Seen Francis Manapul's Flash Cover?

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I sure do dig Francis Manapul's art.  Most of us were saddened when we found out he was leaving Adventure Comics.  The good news is he is teaming with Geoff Johns once again on a new on-going Flash title.  DC has posted the final Barry Allen Flash image he worked on earlier.

This is the cover to Flash: Secret Files And Origins which is due in March 2010.  Manapul said:

“I’m excited to be starting the book. The entire creative team is looking forward to introducing new ways of portraying speed. It’s also cool that we’ll be introducing a new generation to Barry Allen as well as myself so I’ll be right in they’re shoes of getting to know this guy. It should be an exciting ride!”

Are you excited?
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Groovy Pie
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He's got a nice style.  Real classy.

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@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:

"Groovy Pie "

Couldn't put it better myself! Barry Allen is by far the best Flash, next to Jay Garrick (in my opinion).
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Loving it
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Awesome cover. I like his style.

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as sad as I am to see Manapul and Johns leave Adventure Comics I've got to say that I'm really really excited about the upcoming Flash series...Manapul is fastly becoming one of my favorite artists

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Definitely exciting news. The cover is great.

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I love just Francis Manapul's artwork and I can't wait for Flash: Secret Files And Origins to come out.

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i will check it out big fan of johns i like the flash but he is not one of my favorites 

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I love this dude's art!

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Oh nice :)
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Nice, can't wait.

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That's awesome

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good thing! good thing!

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Loving Manapul's work. He's easily one of the best guys in the biz today, it's uplifting to me.

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Looks Pretty Good

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God I love this man's art. I just wish that I knew when the ongoing officially begins

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@SUPER-MAN 23 said:

"Awesome! "


is right

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