Flash, XS, and Iris West (Flashpoint!)

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Is XS their canon granddaughter? Were the Tornado Twins actually conceived by the main timeline Barry Allen and Iris West?  I find it odd that this couple has been quite fine with the fact that they no longer have their children with them? Time travel and their stint in the 31st century confuses me.  I'm hoping someone helps me with this question. PLEASE!

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@Closure: Yes, XS is their canon granddaughter.  She was part of the earth-247 legion but she decided to join the earth zero legion during Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds.  I wish Johns had included Andromeda as well and maybe Kid Quantum but its not that big a deal.  As for Barry and Iris's children, Don and Dawn Allen, they're not with their parents because they have the unfortunate handicap of being dead they were concieved in the main timeline though, that hasn't been retconned away.

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