Flash Rebirth Gets An Extra Issue

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With the excitement over "Flash: Rebirth" by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver, it seems that five issues just wasn't enough.  DC has announced that there will be a sixth issue added to the mini series. 

What's in store for Barry Allen?  His return has come with a price.  Will he make a sacrifice once again?  And who will be the "new hero" that takes on an "older speedster's role"?

Let's hope that the reason for the extra issue is because the story actually calls for it.  I'd hate to think that it was being extended just because the sales were good.  This is feeling like a big story and we don't need any filler just to keep it going.  I have faith in Johns and Van Sciver so we'll see.
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This is in no way a bad thing. Groovy  pie

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sweet can't for that sixth issue but i must get the others first

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YEAH! picked up the first and just got right into it, WANT MORE!!!!

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Excellent great news.

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My question to this point is if Barry Allen will be tied in to BLACKEST NIGHT due to the recent goings on?  I'm not a Flash expert.  I have all of YOUNG JUSTICE and am pretty up to specks on Impulse's history.  I actually have started reading the Flash title(whatever volume) from the point they announced that Johns and EVS were going to be "rebirthing" Flash.  I have had some sort of knowledge, but I've had to do some research so that I am not lost with these villains that are popping up here and there.  I thought issues #1 and #2 were entertaining and worth a second and third look.  I'm glad that they're adding a sixth issue, they'll probably need it.

If anyone knows of an awesome run of Flash(Barry or Wally) from past years that is worth a read or is too good NOT to read, hit me up.  I wanna check it out.

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Beside Johns?

Mark Waid

Grant Morrison/Mark Millar

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Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver are comic book SupRaStas!!

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so hott!

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No Inertia? its gonna suck

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inertia sucks

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sounds like a great series to get into

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At first I thought this series might of not been that great. The first ish had me kinda so/so about it. Issue two, on the other hand,  was total hook, line and sinker. I'm in to the end. It could be 12 parts, I wouldn't care. :)

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what's the point of bringing Barry back just to kill him again?!

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I've liked it so far so if that's how long it takes to tell the arc I'm cool with it. Johns and van Sciver are a good team, I've loved the artwork and we'll see where the story goes.

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that artwork is killer. I'm going to have to Google what else Ethan Van Sciver, has done.
thanks for sharing.

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Wow, black flash would make pretty cool Black Lantern (well if he isn't one already I never read a Flash comic).

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Damn that issue cover owns!

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@Joe Venom said:
"Wow, black flash would make pretty cool Black Lantern (well if he isn't one already I never read a Flash comic)."

Black Flash isn't going to be a Black Lantern but one Flash is going to be...
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