Flash costume ring

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Pardon for my English level.
Hi to all.  I have been looking for a replica of the Barry Allen (the Flash) costume ring, but the only that i have find is one from Planet Krypton but is not intended to be worn. Anybody knows where can find one of them? thanks

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Go to any small jewelry shop. You should be able to get one made for you, or at least a ring which looks vaguely like the Flash design.
I had a custom design made and it only cost £180. (Not a comic-book design, but something which I wanted.)

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Good idea

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After this months finally I bought a tungsten flash ring. It´s not the original but looks like the Bart Allen ring.  
 In recent time I have found a barry allen replica but i can´t post here because it could be considered spam. If anyone wants a good replica, look in the internet and good luck
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