F L A S H (a TV pilot episode in pre-production)

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Hey guys, I just wanted to give an actual reason as to why I've set up here on ComicVine (the news updates are great and all), but I'm going to need some heavy feedback and handholding over these next few months.

As you may have read in the title, I am working on a Flash / Barry Allen pilot episode for my senior project.

Upon writing and determining every aspect of this I intend to bring to life, I caught the attention of some pretty powerful people here at CW in Minneapolis, MN. I talked in person (mostly on the phone now), to a few people who work for both CW and I believe DC, and they are pushing this project to the extent of even raising funds for its completion.

I'm a huge fan of the comics and Barry himself, and this is my chance to shine a much deserved light on him. But I need your help. I will be posting the story synopsis and character progression for the first episode in a blog much like this in a few days. All I need is your help to raise awareness to my project in the comments and blog posts. Know Barry Allen, or the Flash in general, or even about the Speed Force? Then I am going to need your help to sculpt this story so that we can all take something amazing away from it.

Stay tuned as I continue to post more updates (Characters, Actors, Story, Location, Trailers, and possibly more).

-Squall Charlson.

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Cool. We'll be ready :D

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I'm on board for this. Always wanted a Flash show. Him and Aquaman deserve more attention. =)

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I'm definitely willing to help out!

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@Samimista said:

I'm on board for this. Always wanted a Flash show. Him and Aquaman deserve more attention. =)

There was a flash tv series. Only one season, but it was pretty cool. Box set isn't to expensive either.

@SquallCharlson: First piece of advice. Use Wally.

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I'm in, and good luck. Barry could really use this

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@Onemoreposter: Yes! It's an odd series indeed (especially the theme song) but this will be something much more. As for Wally, he hasn't been forgotten, but we won't include him just yet, we might have too many guests in just the first episode to begin with.

Thank you everyone else! We're so excited to show you what we have in store. It's going to be explosive!

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The old Flash series is what made him my favourite DC superhero, so I'm on board for anything new :)

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