Barry Allen and Hal Jordan

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K so I've been reading green lantern since blackest night and flash since his new series but i still can't get a feel for Hal Jordan's or Barry Allen's personality. I grew up with Green Lantern and Flash from the justice league cartoon as a kid so im used to flash (wally) being funny and green lantern (john stewart) being a heavy soldier type. All i get from barry is that hes a straight man, a nice and nerdy forensics dude, and that he can be detached sometimes cuz he moves so fast. And with hal,,,i can't really think of anything personality-wise other than he's a green lantern? I guess he's too obsessed with gl work like in the beginning of the war of green lanterns and hes sposed to be the best green lantern so that could be rough. This isnt a troll forum im just honestly curious if theres anymore to the most iconic variations of gl and flash's personalites and is there any other character flaws these two have? 

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Hal is supposed to be like the James Dean (in Rebel Without a Cause) of comics in my opinion. rebelious yet good natured. i havent read much with BArry but i belive he's just supposed to be a sweet humble midwestern boy. 

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