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 Barrier comes after Achilles.
Barrier, Blacklash and Ringer are hired by Justin Hammer to retrieve a young man named Luis Barret who has superhuman speed. They chase Luis around Los Angeles until the speedster runs into Barrier in an alley. Hammer wanted Luis to don the Thunderbolt costume and retrieve plans for an experimental aircraft from Edwards Air Force Base. If Luis successfully completes the task then Hammer would compensate him and his family. Agamemnon from the Pantheon sensed a greater purpose for Luis and ordered Ulysses and Achilles to handle the situation. The two Pantheon members engage their enemies outside the base and Barrier is taken down by Achilles. Hammer escapes and Luis is back on the right track. The current whereabouts of Barrier are unknown.
Powers & Abilities:
Barrier has superhuman strength and durability.

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